"Follow your heart, but take your brain with you."

Alfred Adler

André Strobel has a passion for machines that fulfill complex tasks without human guidance or intervention.

André wrote his first business related software code when he was twelve years old. Fascinated by chaos theory he decided to study the mechanics of dynamic feedback systems. He received his doctoral degree in Technical Cybernetics from the University of Stuttgart, Germany. A scholarship from Daimler gave him early insights into business, leadership and cutting edge technology.

While working in the research group at Daimler he became an industry leading expert in Matlab/Simulink. He pushed the limits of modern MiL, SiL and HiL tool chains. He also developed a standard model architecture for connecting complex controls and detailed plant models in a holistic, reliable and very flexible way.

At the same time André focused on creating efficient plant models and establishing Digital Prototypes in the automotive development process. He always emphasizes the benefits of automation, leverages innovative optimization methods and explores opportunities with virtual reality.

André is constantly coaching others in communication and modern leadership methods that value the power of empathy. He has the conviction that empathetic leaders deliver results long before other managers need to apply pressure to succeed. Another area of his coaching is efficient and effective workplace organization.

Right now André spends his energy on bringing autonomous robots to life, first at Waymo and now at Waabi. His primary focus is on building a credible safety case for the efficient deployment of autonomous trucks. This is achieved by heavily leaning into simulation and generative AI. As technology catches up with his passion and our visions for the future, we can all make a huge difference. You can find a quick overview in these slides [please request access].