[coming soon] G Suite Workplace Automation (first presented 2020)

Following the practitioner's approach for having a paperless office I implemented several scripts for Google Workspace that automate most of the tasks. Automatically keep a clean and meaningful email inbox and calendar, generate a meeting overview and linked notes documents for different topics as well as save email attachments into Google Drive. All of this will not take any manual effort anymore!

Did you every receive way too many emails? Did you ever have trouble finding something? A lot of people believe this is normal. And regarding emails clever books and coaches will always tell you that you need to reduce the number of emails you receive. But how the heck can you do this? In this presentation I am describing an approach that works for me. A lot of people told me that it was helpful for them, too. That’s why I decided to summarize my approach to find every information I have ever received within 30 seconds or less – it really works! And the best thing about it – I normally don’t need to manage more than 20-30 emails per day!

In this training class I am exploring the basics of emotional intelligence and how this relates to communication. In a first step you learn how to become more aware of what communication is and how it works. In a second step I am giving you tips how to positively influence communication by using your awareness. Logically, a next step would be how to use communication to manipulate others, but good for all of us, I am not going there.

Vehicle fluid dynamics simulations (in German, Simulations in the technical development process, University of  Stuttgart, 2010)

In this presentation I am summarizing state-of-the-art analysis methods for vehicle fluid dynamics simulations from aerodynamics over thermal protection and HVAC to engine systems. A strong focus is put on the efficient fully automated process from geometry to having a running model.

In this training class I am teaching the basics of object oriented programming and JAVA. I am using very simple examples to make it easy to understand the core concepts of object oriented programming. It is helpful to know some other programming language beforehand to quickly understand how to transfer this knowledge to JAVA.

With this talk I taught the basics of a modern model based software development process for electronic control units (ECUs). I explicitly explain how a universal Software-in-the-loop/Hardware-in-the-loop software architecture can be used to test vehicle climate control systems. I also explain the basics of classic HVAC control algorithms for a vehicle.