Granted and released patents with my name.

Waymo Via: Meet the Waymonauts – Andre (in English, published 2022)

In this short video I introduce my role as Systems Engineering Lead, Trucking at Waymo.

In my dissertation I developed a climate comfort controller that uses best approximated inverse models to determine the best actuator settings for the desired comfort values. A major focus of the work was the creation of very fast and accurate plant models for the actuators of the HVAC system, the air flow and thermal state of the cabin as well as the humans inside the vehicle.

Digital Prototype and Virtual Reality (in German, Visenso user conference, 2007)

I presented how Digital Prototypes are used in the passenger vehicle development process as well as how Virtual Reality methods are related to this, can be used and improved.

I gave an overview of Rapid Control Prototyping and Hardware-in-the-loop methods. My special contribution was the definition and implementation of a universal Software-in-the-loop/Hardware-in-the-loop software architecture.

I gave a quick overview of Rapid Control Prototyping and Hardware-in-the-loop methods used for climate control system development.

This patent describes a user interface for a vehicle HVAC system that is based on specifying desired values for the two major climate comfort parameters thermal comfort and perceived air flow. In my diploma thesis I determined that this type of user interface is the key for adjusting the control of the air flow direction at the outlet vents to different user preferences.

In my diploma thesis I developed, demonstrated and documented an automatic control algorithm that optimizes the direction of the air flow at the outlet vents. It ensures the highest level of comfort even in transient conditions like varying solar radiation during turns.

The task of this project was to research and document the state-of-the-art in automatic climate control for passenger cars. I am describing sensors, actuators and control algorithms from basic temperature control approaches to modern control systems that measure and influence thermal comfort.